This Olde House

Many of the houses in Danville have a very interesting history starting off as private residences and then later being used for a variety of purposes. I have compiled a list of some of the more interesting ones which you can peruse in the list below. Another website which gives information on historic Danville houses is the Danville Historical Society. The Topographic Maps and Satellite Maps Online website may also be a site of interest in that it provides maps and GPS coordinates for a variety of Danville landmarks including churches, schools, buildings, dams, parks, populated places (neighborhoods) , hospitals, cemeteries and locales. For the topographic map and listings specific to Danville, Virginia, please click here.

  1. 920 Grove Street - John L. Berkeley School
  2. 500 Hawthorne Drive - Herman House/Averett President's House
  3. 257 Jefferson Avenue - Danville General Hospital
  4. 115 Linden Drive - Herman House
  5. 862 Main Street - Penn-Wyatt-Hoffman-Levine House
  6. 161 Mountain View Avenue - Conway House
  7. 174 Mountain View Avenue - Averett President's House/Alumni Hall
  8. 323 West Main Street - The Johnson, Bolen, Moore House
  9. 334 West Main Street - Talbott-Jordan House
  10. 350 West Main Street - The Ayres House
  11. 354 West Main Street - Schoolfield, Lea, Easley House
  12. 555 West Main Street - Heard House
  13. 1009 West Main Street - Schoolfield Lunch
  14. 146 Woodland Drive - Klaff House