174 Mountain View Avenue - Averett President's House/Alumni Hall

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This old house is located at 174 Mountain View Avenue, Danville, Virginia. The Global Positioning Coordinates (GPS) of the site are N 36 degrees 34.736’, W 079 degrees 24.906’, Elevation 538’.

The nine-room brick dwelling was built by Averett College in 1930 at a cost of $10,000 to serve as a home for Averett’s presidents. Although Averett built many buildings for academic and administrative uses and converted many residential buildings for those uses, this is the only building which it built for use as a residence. It was built on a portion of the fifteen acres of land which was purchased for $5,500 in 1908 for the construction of the college main building. It served as a home for four of Averett’s presidents, namely, John W. Cammack (1930-1936), Curtis V. Bishop (1936 - 1966), Conwell A. Anderson (1966 – 1979) and Howard W. Lee (1979 – 1983). Dr. Lee actually lived in this house and also the new president’s home at 500 Hawthorne Drive, being the only president to do so. After the move of the president’s home to the Hawthorne Drive location the 174 Mountain View Avenue location was converted into offices and became known as North Hall and eventually as Alumni Hall by which it is known today.