This web site is designed to provide historical and genealogical information for people, places, and events around the Danville, Virginia area. The website is currently divided into eight main sections: Genealogy 101, Genealogy for Streets, Genealogy for People, This Olde House, VA-NC Genealogy Society, Danville Public Library, Civil War Sesquicentennial, and other genealogical Resources.

As its title suggests, Genealogy 101 provides useful information I have gathered over the years while helping people in the Danville community learn about genealogy and assisting them in their genealogical quests. This section contains helpful hints and tips for novices so they may begin exploring the fascinating world of genealogy.

Genealogy for Streets is a section that previews my recently published book entitled "If Streets Could Talk" regarding the history behind the streets of Danville. This section gives you a glimpse into the historical past of some of Danville's more notable streets and also includes a link if you would be interested in purchasing my new book.

Genealogy for People is a new section I have just started that will be similar to the Genealogy for Streets section, but will focus on famous Danville citizens. This section of the website involves people whose names may not be associated with a particular street or building, or may not have been a long-term resident or even a resident at all in Danville, Virginia but nevertheless have had an impact on the area and have their names associated with some organization or institution in the area.

This Olde House is a new section that I am just beginning that is similar to my recently published book on the streets of Danville, but focuses on houses instead of streets. This section provides interesting historical information about some of Danville's more famous old houses and how the houses and their owners have evolved over the decades.

The VA-NC Genealogy Society section provides useful information about the society and the types of information and services they have available.

The Danvile Public Library section highlights some of the genealogical resources available in the Danville Public Library. The Danville Library has a host of useful genealogical information for the city of Danville, surrounding Pittsylvania county, and the state of Virginia including the Swem Virginia Historical Index, newspaper microfilms, City Directories, Civil War records, DAR records, county records and books on families.

The Civil War Sesquicentennial section is a new section that I am just beginning to work on. In keeping with the theme of this website, this section will focus on the history and genealogy of people from the Danville, Virginia area who were involved in various events during the Civil War period.

Finally, the Resources section provides some additional websites that I have discovered along the way that provide useful genealogical information for both the novice and expert. There is a wealth of free information, forms, charts, and how-tos available on the internet. I hope you will find this website helpful as you explore Danville's past.